Cyber Security

About Erisn’s Cyber Security Services

We’re the industry leaders in cyber security services in South Africa. Companies looking to build a full-proof cybersecurity system for their business operations can leverage our comprehensive cyber security solutions.

With a team of well trained and highly experienced security experts, we help thwart attackers from accessing sensitive data. We use an analytics-driven framework to mitigate cyberattacks and ensure your systems are well protected at all times.

Protect your business infrastructure from all types of malicious attempts by using the expertise of our cyber security professionals.

Our Services

With our smart and effective cyber security services, you can strengthen your business system and keep all data protected from attackers. We monitor the online business environment and employ IT security audits to detect threats and implement solutions.

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    End-to-end cyber security solutions

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    Advanced detection and fast response

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    Real-time data and solutions

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Analytics

We use analytics and real-time data to discover the vulnerable areas in your system. Our team employs the required measures to eliminate the threat and boost the system’s security.

Threat Protection
Compliance & Maintenance
Cyber Security Consulting
Penetration Testing
Network Security Monitoring

Why Clients Choose Us?

Clear and Effective Communication

Our team uses effective communication strategies to keep the clients well informed about the state of their networks and servers. We share reports and lists of measures to implement for the protection of the system.

Team of Experts

Our proficient experts use the newest and effective security technologies to strengthen your business system, network, and server. They detect the problem areas and tackle them to ensure the protection of intellectual property and sensitive data.

Support & Maintenance

Our team of cyber security experts offers 24x7 support to businesses. Being among the most reputable cyber security services in South Africa, we extend our support services post the completion of the project and ensure the systems are well updated with the latest technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I hire you for cyber security solutions?
What type of cyber security measures do you take?
What type of response do you take in case a security incident occurs?
How much do you charge for cyber security consulting services?

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